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Let's be real

Recurring women's health issues

wear ZahZee™ founder, Shannon Mostrom, struggled with recurring women's health issues for years. At the most inconvenient time, she would get UTIs that would require her to go to the doctor and take yet another round of antibiotics. She tried everything to manage these recurrences and ensure that every product she was using and wearing supported her health. That’s when she started to rethink the underwear.

HEMP for Health

She realized that many major women’s underwear brands are run by men and use synthetic fabrics that can contribute to a lot of the problems she was facing. This inspired her mission to find the most ideal fabric for women’s underwear, leading her to the star of our product: hemp.

Hemp doesn’t require harsh pesticides and contains strong antimicrobial properties, making it the perfect material for our breathable, organic undergarments.

wear ZahZee was born

Our founder saw hemp’s potential in benefitting both women and the planet, and in 2021, ZahZee™ was born. We are an eco-friendly undergarments line that is dedicated to supporting women’s health with high-quality, hemp-integrated undergarments. 

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